Book Review
The Nurse Practitioner's Business Practice
and Legal Guide
by Carolyn Buppert, CRNP, JD

ISBN #: 0-8342-1185-8
List Price: $82.00
Copyright: 1999
Publication Date: Jan 1999
Publisher: Aspen Publishers, Inc.

State-by-state law, with citations, on scope of practice, prescriptive authority, necessity of physician collaboration and qualifications to practice as an NP.
Advice on lobbying and public relations in order to change state laws where necessary.
Strategies to avoid malpractice and other lawsuits, with case examples.
Practical, up-to-date, business-oriented guidance on negotiating positions with practices, or starting your own practice.
And much, much more.

The first comprehensive business and legal resource written specifically for nurse practitioners.

Make no mistake about it. Laws governing NP practice are distinct from the laws governing registered nurses, physicians and physician assistants. You need legal guidance and business solutions specifically for NPs - not RNs, PAs, or physicians. The Nurse Practitioner's Business Practice and Legal Guide focuses -- specifically and in-depth -- on the legal and business issues that NPs face.

Written by a nurse practitioner who is also a practicing attorney, this book provides the unique point of view of an author who knows what legal and business problems arise on a daily basis. Buppert draws her knowledge from the law, actual legal cases, and her own personal experience in starting and operating her business, and assisting NPs in setting up their own practices.

"This book is excellent - it presents the issues facing nurse practitioners nationwide. In hopes of surviving the ever changing and competitive managed care arena, NPs could easily use this book as a staple for graduate school and continue to use it as NPs chip away at issues at the state and Federal level. I have already recommended this book to many NPs nationwide."

Margie Koehler, CRNP
American College of Nurse Practitioners
Medicare Consultant

"This is the most comprehensive book that I have seen. It is also unique to see this material targeted to the nurse practitioner. This book is obviously of interest to any nurse practitioner, and to many others, because it is such a clear and comprehensive resource."

Nayna Campbell Philipsen, Esq

Expert guidance from attorney/nurse practitioner Carolyn Buppert…

Carolyn Buppert, MSN, JD, ANP is uniquely qualified to provide expert, practical business and legal guidance to NPs, prospective NPs, and those who would employ them. She currently maintains a legal practice specializing in legal and business issues in primary care. She is president of Better Life in Health Care Systems, which contracts with businesses for NP services. She also practices as an NP as Director of Student Health at St. John's College in Annapolis, MD.

Here is a complete Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is a Nurse Practitioner?

Chapter 2: Legal Scope of Nurse Practitioner Practice

Chapter 3: State Regulation of NP Practice

Chapter 4: Federal Regulation of NP Practice

Chapter 5: Prescribing

Chapter 6: Hospital Privileges

Chapter 7: Negligence and Malpractice

Chapter 8: Risk Management

Chapter 9: Reimbursement for NP Services

Chapter10: The Employed NP

Chapter 11: Practice Ownership: Legal and Business Considerations for the Nurse Practitioner Owner

Chapter 12: Lawmaking and Health Policy

Chapter 13: Promoting the Profession to the Public

Chapter 14: Standards of Care for NP Practice

Chapter 15: Measuring NP Performance

Chapter 16: Strategies for Advancing the Profession

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