"Must" Rules for Political Survival
  1. Issues are not important - the process is.
  2. Political communication has direct and indirect messages - indirect is the most important.
  3. There are no permanent friends - or permanent enemies.
  4. Keep your friends close - your enemies closer.
  5. Never surprise your friends.
  6. Politics is full of male humor (sarcasm, put downs, snide remarks, etc.) - Don't be offended.
  7. Politics is a "chit economy" - not dollars, programs, kids.
  8. Claim credit covertly and give it away overtly.
  9. Take credit in the backroom - "strokes to self" are self-serving.
  10. Always trust the grapevine; not the official channels.
  11. Politics ain't bean bag - it's not an easy game.
  12. Politics are full of paradoxes with polarity - don't fool yourself.
  13. You must work with the resistance - a bigger hammer isn't the answer.
  14. Loyalty can't be bought - a loyal and expert paradox always exists.
  15. Conflict leads to collaboration - "good fences make good neighbors."
  16. Anguish is a part of leadership - you know too much.
  17. Try to understand behavior outside of the context of the issue - know the person.
  18. Gain the ability to use the appropriate behavior to get the job done - it's not wrong to walk on the football field in a baseball uniform - it's stupid.
  19. A good politician works with the persuadable.
  20. Triangulate - never do anything directly when you can do it another way.

Lobbying in a Changing Time - Using the Internet to Effect Change
Presented at the 1998 American College of Nurse Practitioners Summit,
Creating Our Future: Taking Action
Judy Collins, RNC, MS, OGNP, FAAN

Last updated:  June 21, 1998
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