Policy & Politics

Policy: Shoulds and ought, direction, goal, plan of action, values and principles. Proactive.

Politics: Means to implement policy, use of power, give and take of negotiation. Reactive.

Politique: Blend of policy and politics.

Political Process Principles
  1. Know what you want
  2. Form coalition - band together in united front
  3. Focus efforts - assign priorities and go after a few things
  4. Do homework - out prepare other person
  5. Ask for more than you are willing to settle for
  6. Be persistent - don't take things personally
  7. Know when to fight versus negotiate or withdraw
  8. Antagonist position is a-political
  9. Fight for principles versus fight against people
  10. Don't whine!
  11. Everyone working to get what they want
  12. Can't change system unless you become involved

Lobbying in a Changing Time - Using the Internet to Effect Change
Presented at the 1998 American College of Nurse Practitioners Summit,
Creating Our Future: Taking Action
Judy Collins, RNC, MS, OGNP, FAAN

Last updated:  June 21, 1998
Reviewed June 20, 1998