Professional Liability Insurance: Myth vs. Fact

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You probably hear all sorts of things about Professional Liability Insurance. Some people say you can't live without it—others say it's a bigger risk to have it. Well here's your chance to decide for yourself—myth vs. fact.

MYTH: My employer-provided coverage is enough—I don't need additional insurance.

FACT: Your employer-provided coverage may be limited.

You can't rely alone on the liability protection provided by your employer. In fact, we recommend that you purchase your own professional liability coverage—even if you have limited coverage through your employer. Without your own personal liability protection, you could end up paying all attorney fees, court costs and loss of wages out of your own pocket because…
  • There may be gaps in your employer's policy.
  • A suit may be filed after you have terminated employment.
  • Most employer-provided coverage does not cover you for actions that take place outside the workplace or for actions performed outside of your job description or when established procedure was not followed.
  • With employer-provided coverage, you have to share your coverage with your co-workers, your employer and the entity.
  • A consolidated defense for an employer usually represents the interest of the employer, not you.

To help make it easier for you to obtain individual coverage, Marsh Affinity Group Services offers a Professional Liability Insurance Plan designed just for nursing professionals. Because we understands your needs, you can be sure that this plan will give you the protection you need.

MYTH: I don't need professional liability protection because lawsuits only happen to those who are already insured.

FACT: A charge of negligence could render you penniless and could damage your career. A lawsuit can be brought against anyone.

Do you supervise others? Follow doctors' orders? Administer medicine? Monitor patients' reactions to treatment? Render counseling or advice? Provide professional services? If so, you are at risk for being sued for malpractice.

As a professional provider, you have devoted years to study and training. Your skills and experience are constantly being tested…with emergency decisions, stressful conditions, and difficult patients or clients. How you respond can determine your professional reputation and your future.

Under such circumstances, it's too easy for something to go wrong. A malpractice suit or a charge of negligence—justified or not—could mean the end of your career. That's why it's best for you have your own Professional Liability Insurance.

MYTH: If I purchase coverage now, it won't help me if I'm sued years later.

FACT: The Marsh Affinity Group Services Plan is “occurrence form,” which means you will be covered for lawsuits filed at anytime for an incident which occurred during your policy period.

The “occurrence form” type of coverage is beneficial when a suit is brought against you for an incident that took place years ago. You are covered during the term of the insurance certificate…no matter when the suit or claim is made. So, you have this protection now and in the future for any claims resulting from covered services you performed while the insurance certificate was in force.
MYTH: All professional liability plans are the same.

FACT: Different plans have different coverage limits.

Not all professional liability plans are the same. Sure, the general idea is to protect you in the event of a lawsuit, but how you are protected is where things begin to differ. Even two plans with the same coverage limits can be quite different. For example—some companies reimburse you for your expenses if you are sued. The Marsh Affinity Group Services Plan pays for you so you won't have to pay anything up front.
MYTH: There's no point in having insurance if you aren't covered for suits that are found groundless.

FACT: You can be covered for expenses from a groundless suit.

With the Marsh Affinity Group Services Plan, legal fees and court costs incurred by the insurer on your behalf are paid, for covered claims, in addition to the liability limits, even if the suit is groundless, false or fraudulent. You will not have to worry about suffering from the expense of a lawsuit brought on by someone who is only interested in suing for the money.
MYTH: If I'm certified I'm more likely to be sued.

FACT: You are vulnerable to lawsuits whether you're certified or not—but having additional training is considered a good thing.

The more training you have—the better off you are. With more education you are better prepared to make decisions that encompass a larger scope. Certified nurses are considered more reliable and less of a risk.

We understand your need for professional liability coverage, and hope that you now have a better understanding too. Don't go from day to day wondering if your employer-provided coverage will give you the coverage you need. Take control, and get yourself individual coverage that will be there when you need it most. Consider the plan designed just for you—the Marsh Affinity Group Services' Professional Liability Insurance Plan.

If you would like more information on how to take advantage of this excellent coverage, contact Marsh Affinity Group Services at 1440 Renaissance Drive, Park Ridge, IL 60068-1400, call toll-free 1-800-621-3008, ext. 45105 or visit If you would like to apply for this coverage on-line visit and take advantage of the easy application process.

The Professional Liability Insurance Plan underwritten by Chicago Insurance Company, a member of the Fireman's Fund Insurance Companies.

Updated March 13, 2002