NP National Marketing Campaign
A respected and tireless friend of NPs recently reminded us of a quote from Schopenhauer:

"All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed,
secondly it is violently opposed, and
third it is accepted as self evident."

Look How Far We've Come!

Many of the pioneers and early practitioners of our profession weathered Schopenhauer's first stage. All of us in practice today have been feeling the effects of the second stage. Now it's time to move to the final stage.

We can do that only if we unite in action, backed by the personal, professional, and financial resources of every individual NP and every local, state, and national nursing organization that counts NPs among its members.

The NP National Marketing Campaign is a timely and potentially powerful vehicle for unified action. It is specifically structured to serve solely as a conduit for NP public relations, not as a separate organization. By pooling our individual, specialty group, and state and national resources, we will be able to disseminate a unified message to every part of the country.

Through targeted efforts aimed at legislators, regulators, and payors in major media markets, from which it is expected smaller markets will feed, we will be in charge of determining our own identity. We will be able to counter and supplant in the public mind the kind of PR put out by one state medical society last year to help defeat crucial NP legislation, where NPs were likened to order-takers at a fast food burger joint.

But influence of this weight and magnitude is possible only if all NPs and NP organizations join the Campaign. Initial research indicates that year one funds of $120,000 are needed to retain a marketing firm with the ability to reach and educate our targeted audience. If every NP not only contributes to the Campaign, but also contacts 10 other NPs to do likewise, we will more than reach our goal. Even NP students can be recruited to invest in their future; their direct contributions to the Campaign can be credited to NONPF or sent through that organization.

Please call or write us with any questions you have. Most important, make sure that your voice is heard by sending a check made out to: NP National Marketing Campaign and addressed to same at P.O. Box 1375, Water Mill, NY 11976. Our professional future depends on it!

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Updated March 27, 2002