Nurse Practitioner National Marketing Campaign


The Nurse Practitioner National Marketing Campaign will improve the visibility and representation of nurse practitioners among major employers, legislators, regulators and HMO/health insurance industry executives.

Campaign Members and Organization

The National NP Marketing Campaign is the outgrowth of a privately sponsored professional Think Tank that took place in March 2000 in Annapolis, MD. NP participants at this meeting unanimously voted to organize a national effort to take control of and responsibility for increasing the visibility and improving the representation of the NP profession before select groups and ultimately the public at large. It was agreed that promotion of NP practice would be directed initially to major employers, legislators, regulators and HMO/health insurance industry executives in order to educate these key constituents about the role and contribution of NPs to the health care process.

Constituted as a 501(c)6 association, the Campaign is governed by a duly filed set of Bylaws and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. As of the end of calendar year 2000, the Board includes one representative from each of the five national organizations described below and two at-large members. It meets regularly by tele-conference. Under the Bylaws, all national nursing organizations that share the Campaign's mission and meet criteria for membership may petition for a seat on the Board.

The five NP organizations are:


Through public relations strategies aimed at major employers, federal and state legislators, regulators and third-party payers, the NP Marketing Campaign intends to place targeted information about the positive role that NPs play in the provision of comprehensive health care services, including improved patient access, satisfaction and outcomes, in critical media markets across the country. Additionally, Campaign organizers have undertaken the establishment of a national Nurse Practitioner Speakers Bureau. This database of NP leaders will enable quick and ready media access to NP spokespersons at the local, state, regional and national level.

Updated May 1, 2001