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NPs in Private Practice
Are you an NP in private practice and wishing you had some resources at your fingertips to make the whole process easier? You've come to the right place! We've collected some resources from our NP Central web pages, as well as a few other sites. Scan the information below and see if something here isn't just what you've been looking for!
  • NPs in Private Practice Email List Serve
    Sign up for the “NPs in Private Practice” List serve! Get great information from other NPs in private practice, and share ideas on how to make your practice grow and succeed! Sign up now by going to the list information page. You will receive a welcome message via email, and at that point, you can begin posting your questions, comments, or advice to the list. If you ever have a question about this list, please e-mail us at: info [at]

  • Nurse Practitioner National Online Directory
    What is the Nurse Practitioner National Online Directory? It is the first national online directory of Nurse Practitioners in the United States. Are you and the NPs in your practice listed in the directory? If not, visit us and find out how today!

  • National Association of Independent Nurses
    This National Organization will support you as you enter independent practice,

    A blog for NP business owners
  • NP Business Owner
    A membership site for NPs considering, starting or growing their business NP Business Owner


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