Press Release
NP Central - Advertise A CE Program

Continuing Education Program announcements can be placed on the NP Central Web Site for up to 12 months (or until the event takes place). The cost for placing an ad is on a per-word-count basis. These costs are listed below:

Ads submitted electronically can have a direct response email included in the announcement so readers can reach you quickly and easily. CE providers who place, or plan to place, more than 12 announcements in a 12-month time period will be provided with a web page that contains information about the provider. Email your program announcement to us at today. Announcements can also be faxed to us at 253.852.7725. Include appropriate contact information, including mailing address and telephone number. The use of a VISA or MASTERCARD is the preferred method of payment. Contact us with your credit card information and your CE will be posted on our web site.

Updated August 22, 2002