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NP Central - Hop aboard the NP success train!

Come and join us here at NP Central, where you can find all the information you need for and about Nurse Practitioners. Our gateway can take you to many varied destinations! Make a stop at NP for information regarding continuing education offerings, NP email mailing lists, resource links, press releases, book reviews and much more. If you need information regarding Nurse Practitioner organizations on either the national or state level, proceed to, where you can find current contact information for state boards of nursing, national & state NP and nursing organizations. also hosts national and state NP organization web sites, so if your organization needs a web site, contact us today!

Looking for a position as an NP and don't know where to find one? Just visit! We have one of the largest advanced practice nursing jobs databases on the Internet. There is also a list of recruiters available to help you find your perfect position. You can also find some helpful tips on current NP salaries, interviewing, resume building, and much more. Interested in posting your availability online? NPJobs offers a solution! Simply enter your information into our NPs Seeking Employment database (along with a resume) and help potential empoyers find you.

One of our newer stops on NP Central is If you feel like your NP Practice is the best kept secret in town, then you need to stop by and sign up for our National Nurse Practitioner Directory. This is a first-of-its-kind online directory that will help patients find your practice, as well as aid other NPs in referring their patients to you. If you are interested in creating a web site for you NP Practice, is the place for you! Check out the various web site packages we offer and soon your practice will be zooming up the on-ramp of the information superhighway!

Our newest venture on NP Central is Stop in and find some of the latest clinical information, including clinical and legal tips, check out FYI-Clinical (a weekly ezine full of the most up-to-date clinical news), and our Clinical Index of topics relevant to NP practice.

For your last stop, visit, The NP Mall at The NP Shopping Mall has all the things that an NP could ever need. Tools and equipment for working as well as business tools and contracts. Best of all, a new clothing line that proudly displays "Nurse Practitioners Care for You".

Updated April 17, 2002