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NP Central - Introducing!

Are you looking for employment as an Advanced Practice Nurse? Maybe you are working for a clinic that needs an Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Midwife? It might even be that you work in a hospital that needs a CRNA, or a facility that needs a Mental Health/Psychiatric NP? Then NP Central has just the place for you!

NP Central ( recently unveiled its new web site with a fun theme of a railway station, and we want everyone to hop aboard the NP success train! Our Job Search database has been, by far, the most successful portion of our site, counting over 5,000 hits to that part of the site alone! We have created a new stop on the NP Central railway where NPs can find job postings and other information on employment-related topics. This new site is called (

Whether you are looking for work as a Nurse Practitioner, or looking to hire one, can meet your needs. We have a job search database that is available for searching via the internet 24/7. The site also includes salary data that can be searched based on locality. If you are interested in posting a position, three months of advertising can be obtained for a reasonable rate, and with very little hassle to you. [Cost is based on word count of the ad, please contact us at for more details.] We also post the ads to our NP-Jobs email mailing list, which currently has about 1200 employment-seeking NP subscribers!

Here are some recent comments from two satisfied customers:

And while we're on the topic of employment, what do you do about an employment contract once you get that great new job? Make sure to check out our Employment Contract on In collaboration with attorney Carolyn Buppert MSN, JD, ANP, NP Central is offering a legally sound Employment Contract for Nurse Practitioners. This valuable career promotion tool comes in the form of a template for the Nurse Practitioner to fill in, print and present to the employer at the time of hiring and/or salary negotiation.

The expense of locating and hiring a private attorney with the specific knowledge of the Nurse Practitioner's needs is costly. NP Central and attorney Carolyn Buppert believe all NPs deserve an easy-to-use, legally sound, as well as professional, Employment Contract at an affordable price. Nurse Practitioners work hard for their positions, and deserve security and peace of mind when negotiating any career move.

So come and visit us at to meet all your employment needs!

Updated May 14, 2002