Press Release
NP Central - Jobs Drop In Web Module

Is your NP Organization looking for a way to generate a little extra revenue? Do you have NPs in practice in your state that are having a hard time making their presence known? Are there NP positions available in your area that would benefit from wider exposure than just your NP publication or web site? Let NP Central and help you out!

Here at NP Central, we have developed a web module that can be dropped into your NP organization web site that will allow employers and NPs to advertise their positions on your site, as well as sign up for and search the National Nurse Practitioner Online Directory. This module is simple to include in your site, includes a way for those looking to hire NPs to advertise their position in a fast and easy way, and includes a 75-25 profit-sharing plan that generates revenue for your organization. When an employer posts a job to your organization's web site, the posting is sent to us here at, we post the position to our Job Search Database, which then makes it visible to visitors to your site (and our site at, and we take care of billing the employer. Once the job is posted, we send you a check for 25% of the cost of the ad, and your organization didn't have to do a thing!

Via this drop-in module, NPs can also come in and search or sign up for the National NP Online Directory via your organization's site. The benefits of signing up for the directory include:

To see this drop-in module in action, check out the ARNPs United of Washington State web site at: and select "Services" from the menu at the left. You'll be able to see how the module works and how it would look on your organization's site. The module itself can be modified to work with your location and fit the needs of your organization.

If you have further questions regarding the Drop-In Job/Directory Module, please feel free to contact us at

Updated April 30, 2002