Reviewed by Marty Couret, RN, MSN

CrashCards, Inc.
4112 S. M-129
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783
Phone: 906.632.4826
Fax: 906.632.4826

CrashCardsTM are a great new tool to facilitate pediatric resuscitation and care during office emergencies. There are 11 color-coded cards corresponding to pediatric ages. Each card has common weights of children in that age group in both pounds and kilograms. The cards have pre-calculated emergency medication tables, as well as settings for cardioversion and defibrillation. These are helpful, as they eliminate time wasted calculating proper doses. They provide a quick and accurate source of information for NPs working in pediatrics in either a family practice or urgent care setting.

CrashCardsTM also contain flow charts for common pediatric emergencies such as tachycardia and bradycardia. The flow charts are overflowing with information, which does result in a small typeface being used, which can make them a little challenging to read. Collectively, these cards are a great resource for any office emergency kit, crash cart, emergency department, or pediatric health care worker. For more information on this new product, visit them online at

A single set of CrashCards costs $22.00. Quantity discounts are available.

Last updated: October 5, 2000