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NP Central

The mission of NP Central is to provide reliable and useful clinical, organizational, educational and job-related information in a usable, convenient format to nurse practitioners, as well as legislators, consumers and others who are seeking information about nurse practitioners.

To read more about the history of how our company and the services we perform developed, please go to our NPSS history page.

The services that we as a company can provide for nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner organizations include:

Practice Development and Management
  • Independent Practice Setup and Operation
  • Nurse Practitioner Collaboration Agreements
  • Compensation and Salary Information
  • Performance Measurement
  • State Scope of Practice
  • Individual State Prescription Privileges
  • Nurse Practitioner Training Program Development
  • Promotional Material Design and Review
  • Health Education Material Design and Review

NP Organization and Practice Web Site Development

Outreach Programs

  • Nurse Practitioner Recruiting
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Organization of Speaking Engagements
  • Product and Book Reviews
  • Advertising to Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurse Practitioner Lists

Expert Witnessing - NP Central has copious experience with NPs in legal matters. We regularly consult on:

  • Contract agreements
  • Malpractice suits
  • Negligence suits
  • Testimony and case review

A few of the major projects that we have taken on here at NP Central are:

  • The National Nurse Practitioner Directory - ever feel like your practice is one of the best kept secrets in town? With the National NP Directory, you can start to get that secret out! NPs who need to refer a patient, as well as patients themselves are looking for practices that include nurse practitioners, and this is one simple and inexpensive way to make that job a little easier for them. The database is also used as a coordinated mailing list for organizations, continuing education providers, and others who wish to share information with NPs. Of course, if a nurse practitioner does not wish to receive information from these sources their wishes are respected.
  • Our salary database was established in 1993 and contains current information on nurse practitioner salaries. This database is continuously being updated.
  • NP Central also publishes ARNP Care, the newsletter of ARNPs United of Washington State.
  • Our Job Search Database allows nurse practitioners the ability to look for a position right from their own home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Employers post their positions to our web site, and then NPs can search the database by specialty, by state, by region, or by date.
  • Email discussion groups on clinical topics, general professional issues, finding a job and more
  • Posts the most current information and breaking news on health care issues and clinical developments
  • Listing of National and State Organizations with links to their web pages
  • Links to State Boards of Nursing
  • Provides monthly tips, clinical pointers, and legal tips from leading NPs
  • Contains a comprehensive list of NP journals, malpractice insurers, Medicare resources, and information
  • Offers a number of products online to aid NPs in their profession. Our vendors include: NP Shoppe, Littman stethoscopes, CRC Press Publications, Medical Billing Tools, Lexi-Comp Publications and more
  • Posts available jobs for Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioner resumes, and lists recruiters for NPs
  • Contains clinical links and an increasing collection of clinical content
  • Collects and compiles current salary data from Nurse Practitioners across the country
  • Contains information on clinical and non-clinical products of interest to NPs. Books that are changing NP practice are also reviewed.
  • Posts continuing education announcements from across the nation.

We hope you find this information helpful and look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Smithing, MSN, FNP and Maddy Wiley, MSN, FNP


NP Central
10024 S.E. 240th St., Suite #102, Kent, WA 98031
Phone: 253.852.9042 Fax: 253.852.7725
NP Central Gateway

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Updated April 10, 2002