Publications Provided by the NNPMC
(for use by NPs and NP Organizations nationwide)
These National Nurse Practitioner Marketing Campaign publications can be used by Nurse Practitioners and NP Organizations to advertise the Marketing Campaign. There is an assortment of press releases, question & answer sheets, and PDF format photos for you to choose from:

Word documents

News Release: Nurse Practitioners Push to Make Their Presence Known
Nurse Practitioners: Rx For America's Health: An Overview
Nurse Practitioners: Commonly Asked Questions

PDF Files
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Acceptable Use Policy: The three posters below labeled "Real Choice", "Highly Effective" and "Carolyn Buppert Quote" are available for use with the following restrictions: (1) they cannot be used on print ads greater than 1/4 page in size, (2) the license will expire April 15, 2003 (3) they cannot be used to brand an identity.

Nurse Practitioners:
Questions & Answers (page 1)

Nurse Practitioners:
Questions & Answers (page 2)

Real Choice
(large PDF file - 2.64M)

Highly Effective
(large PDF file - 2.08M)

What Do NPs Bring....? (PDF)

NPs: 88,000 Strong! (PDF)

Carolyn Buppert Quote (PDF)

Tips from Nurse Practitioners on
Handling Stress - Tip Card for Patients

NNPMC Banners

NP Banner: "Nurse Practitioners: Rx For America's Health" (with Organizations) (PDF)

NP Banner: "Nurse Practitioners: Rx For America's Health"
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